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Illuminate Your Event with Spectacular Party Light Rentals

We all have been to parties all our lives, and each of us understands how lighting makes a difference to the entire setup. It's a common perception that energy and excitement are the foundation of a good party.

What is Uplighting Pittsburgh? How Does it Elevate Every Event

Imagine, you have just headed to a wedding venue thinking of delicious food, state-of-the-art ambiance, and eye-catching colors and lights. However, the opposite happens, when you arrive there and see a dull setting.

Why Hire Professional Light Company Pittsburgh PA Over DIY

Lighting is a most important part of any space that can take its ambiance to the next level. It can set the tone of any occasion and elevate your guests’ mood wonderfully. For some people...

LED screen rental Philadelphia- Tremendous Success Guaranteed!

When hosting an event, you want to put your best foot forward! You want to make a positive impression and ensure everything goes smoothly. After all, it's your chance to showcase...

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Wedding Lighting Company!

Wedding planning involves several important steps. Some steps that tops the planning list include selecting the color theme, stage decoration, music, DJ, and catering. However...

10 Ways an Event Planner Can Make Your Event Unforgettable

Planning an event can be a daunting task. It requires a set of skills and tools such as softgoods, atmospherics, and event lighting rental to make it memorable for its attendees.

How Much Does Event Lighting Cost?

The planning of an event requires attention to numerous details such as venue selection and decor preparation. Among these important components, lighting is a very important. 

Bright Ideas: Maximizing Your Event with the Ideal Lighting Package

An event in Pittsburgh without lighting can not be imagined. It can totally change how a place looks and feels. As a leading Pittsburgh Light Company, we understand that event lighting.