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Staging And Softgoods


Star Curtain w/Fiber Drivers
15 oz. Encore Drape 4' 8' 12' 16'
Backdrops and Legs ​(various sizes)
Stage Deck Skirting
12"x12" Truss Wraps
Truss Valance (various sizes)
Drape Hardware
4'x8' Stage Decks ​(various z frame sizes)
Stage Deck Rails (4' and 8' sections)

Stage Rentals for Event Staging Companies

Are you looking for stage rentals in Pittsburgh? Look no further as we are the best experts for your needs. We are here to serve you with our best-in-class services for an awesome event. When it’s time to transform your event from the ordinary to a truly exceptional one, count on Star Design Event Services for stage rental in Pittsburgh and other surrounding cities. As a result of our dedication to perfection and numerous years in service, we do not merely provide event staging but are your collaborators for an unforgettable experience.

Star Design provides a variety of stages in rent that fit any event theme and number. Our stages, no matter if they are for small meetings or great shows, are built with care and authenticity to give you a steady yet sophisticated base for your performers and presenters.

The Best Staging Company

Being one of the leading event staging companies in the region, we are aware that each event is unique. Therefore, we collaborate closely with you in order to tailor our stage rental offerings so as to suit your particular requirements and vision. Whether you’re running a corporate conference, a music festival or even holding a theatrical performance, our experts will ensure that your stage serves as an ideal backdrop to success.

One-Stop Destination

We are much more than just a stage rental company at Star Design Event Services. We are your all-in-one event production company; providing a full range of services to facilitate the realization of your vision. The services we offer cover everything from lighting and sound to video production and even event management, all with the skill and resources necessary for high-precision success.

Best-In-Class Services

When you go for Star Design, you opt for dependability, innovativeness, and unequaled performance. Our dedication to providing first-class services to you is reflected in all aspects of our activities, including the quality of the equipment we supply and our superior work ethics. Let us turn your party into a splendid occasion that will linger in the memories of your guests for a long time to come.

Experienced And Reliable

We have been in this industry for more than three decades, serving our clients in Pittsburgh and other neighboring cities. We have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge about everything that makes an event a perfect and successful one. We provide everything you need for an unforgettable night. With us, you will experience the most promising yet enchanting experience of your lifetime. It is what we do, and our clients love it too.

Experience a seamless stage rental service, with Star Design Event Services. We are your true partners, and we will make sure that you have a successful event with our services. We will take care of everything all you have to do is enjoy the show.

We are eagerly waiting to rock another event with you! Let us collaborate and organize a memorable event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have a need for a product that is on listed on your site, can you acquire it for my event?

    Star Design has developed a vast network of resources over the years, partnering with many production and rental companies to work together to meet our clients needs.

  • Can Star Design provide a turn-key solution for all of the production needs of my event?

    Star Design has the knowledge and resources to take you from the planning stage to the final realization of your vision.

  • What is your secret of surviving the long hours of entertainment production?

    Coffee…...and more coffee! Did I mention coffee?

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