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Whether you are looking for LED TV’s or a video wall system with media servers, we have you covered. Please call for a complete list of available equipment and services.

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Chauvet F3 LED Panels


F3 is a 3.9 mm pitch 1 m x 0.5 m LED video panel equally suited for installations and rentals. It runs on the Novastar control protocol and is fully front & rear serviceable with easily accessed magnetic LED modules. The panels may be mounted directly on a flat wall due to the front-service option. The panel features powerful magnets in the frame, which assist with hanging the panels.

Chauvet F2


Chauvet F2 Wall

F2 is an impressive 2.9 mm pixel pitch LED video panel equipped with a high contrast 1,500 NITS and an impressive refresh rate of 3,840 Hz for crisp high quality imagery. This high-performance video panel is the ideal solution for corporate events with text, high-res IMAG and any space with a shorter viewing distance. F2 set up is optimized by its advanced light-weight die-cast magnesium housing and magnetic assisted hanging features. This magnetic LED module is also both front and rear serviceable to simplify maintenance and installation. The fully equipped unit comes with a road case and power/data linking cables. Read More

Processors and Media Devices

Chauvet VIP Drive 43Nova

VIP Drive 43Nova is a streamlined all-in-one video wall mapper/scaler/ switcher for use with the Novastar video control protocol. With four inputs, three outputs and a preview monitor, it will map your video wall, scale/switch your video source, and allow remote triggering via DMX, eliminating the need for individual mappers, scalers, and video switchers. HDCP support and EDID management further improve the flexibility of the VIP Drive 43Nova.

Elation EPV Image VSC 2.0

EPV-Image VSC - Sku# EPV701 EPV IMAGE VSC was designed for use with our EPV Video panels but is also compatible with most video products on the market today. The EPV IMAGE VSC is a combined video image processor and scaler with the latest high performance image processing technology. The EPV IMAGE VSC allows for a DVD player, camera, etc... to be connected directly into it so no computer is needed to play video content. EPV IMAGE VSC can handle following video without limit, include CVBS, Composite, S-Video (YC),YCbCr,YPbPr,RGBHV,VGA,DVI-D,HDMI,SDI,SD-SDI,HD-SDI.

Avolites AI Infinity Media Server

The award winning, record breaking Ai Infinity server is the talk of the industry. Its 8 unique full HD DVI outputs, each with internal EDID management and production & preview connectors are the envy of the competition. The Infinity server includes many more unique hardware features, such as LTC timecode input, DMX 512 & Artnet output and a front panel touch screen showing the Ai Visualiser. All of these features reduce the requirement for other separate rack mounted products which also reduces the overall project budget and saves on precious rack space.

Roland V60 Video Switcher

Live event production and streaming continues to grow and the demand for more features requires a sophisticated feature set. The V-60HD simplifies your set-ups and combines the best of both worlds that includes SDI inputs for camera sources and scaled HDMI inputs for data, computer, tablet and other video sources. The combination of powerful audio features that include multi-channel embedded audio, XLR and RCA analog inputs, de-embedded audio from digital SDI or HDMI sources plus a variety of video connections with a Program and Aux Bus makes the V-60HD ideal for a variety of live event production and streaming applications.

JVC KY-PZ100BU Robo Cam
JVC RM-LP100 Remote Camera Controller

The KY-PZ100 is a robotic pan, tilt and zoom video production camera. It's the first PTZ camera that features JVC's unique IP communications engine providing network connection via Wi-Fi*, 4G-LTE*, or cabled LAN. It's designed to be used as a stand alone remote camera or as part of a multi-camera system in both studio and field environments. In addition to its 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs, it is also capable of reliably streaming 1080i/60, 1080p, 720p, and 360p video with 2-channel audio--all with minimal latency and forward error correction. Camera control is possible from a web browser, or with the dedicated RM-LP100 remote control panel, or from a variety of remote units using standard protocol. The camera also includes on-board HD recording at up to 50Mbps to a micro SDHC/SDXC card with the ability to upload the recorded files to an external server.

The KY-PZ100 features JVC's highly accurate direct drive mechanism for smooth, quiet and precise positioning with up to 100 preset positions. Positioning can be performed at a range of speeds from very very slow to very fast while retaining pin-point accuracy (within 0.03°). A newly developed 1/2.8-inch image sensor and 30x optical zoom lens produce superb broadcast quality images even in low light environments. The camera's Wide Dynamic Range mode provides clear natural foreground images even under challenging highlight conditions. A high sensitivity mode enables shooting in color with illumination as low as 0.02 lux. (For comparison, a full moon on a clear night provides 0.05 to 0.3 lux illumination.)

Power the camera, control it, and stream to the world all from a single ethernet cable. Or go wireless. Just provide power to the camera, plug in a Wi-Fi adapter or LTE modem, and you'll have the world's most convenient, high quality robotic camera that can be placed virtually anywhere, stream full HD, and be controlled from anywhere in the world!

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Led Screen Rental Philadelphia

Are you looking for an “LED screen rental in Philadelphia”? Look no further. Star Design is the best place to get high-quality LED screens that produce excellent imagery and moments that will never be forgotten. With our LED video walls, we are able to engage audiences of any size, from small parties to big music festivals. Experience the most stunning visuals, with our finest range of the most cutting-edge high-definition LED walls for live concerts and music festivals. Our LED screen captivates every eye it touches with its dream-like visuals and excellent video quality. We know what looks best in music festivals and concerts, and that is why we have stacked the best-rated screens in our arsenal. For live concerts and music festivals, the visual element is just as integral to the experience as the music. That’s why at Star Design our latest high-definition LED video walls will add new dimensions of excitement and immersion to your event.

Eye-Catching Visual Quality

Our state-of-the-art technology and knowledge allow us to design specific video wall layouts that fit your room, contributing to the overall ambiance of your event. Our LED video walls are ideal whether you intend to enhance the dynamics of live performance or interact with your audience through captivating imagery. Apart from LED screen rentals, we are also the most trusted experts for all kinds of event management services, to meet and exceed your expectations for a perfect event.

Talented Team Of Professionals

We at Star Design realize that reliability and performance are important, especially in high-pressure live show conditions. Therefore, our LED screens are carefully cleaned and frequently tested to operate without a glitch during your event. Our professional staff will work closely with you to provide you with a trouble-free setup, all the way from setup to teardown. Our staff is quick to reply and are attentive in case of any queries. Our staff is highly trained and skilled to help you with your requirements, also assisting you in every step you take towards a beautifully organized live music event.

Make The Perfect Choice

Do not settle for anything less than the best in the form you want from your concert or music festival. Choose Star Design for stunning visuals and high-definition LED video walls that will catch the eyes and take away your audience’s heart. Invest in the best, nothing is more important than your audience so give them the best experience by choosing our services.

Reach out to us today to inquire more about our LED screen rental in Philadelphia and how we can help you with our services to organize a successful event you won’t forget anytime soon.

Let us together create a difference and brighten up your stage to take your performance to a whole new level of quality.

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    Star Design has developed a vast network of resources over the years, partnering with many production and rental companies to work together to meet our clients needs.

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    Star Design has the knowledge and resources to take you from the planning stage to the final realization of your vision.

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    Coffee…...and more coffee! Did I mention coffee?

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