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Illuminate Your Venue with Pittsburgh Light Company

Lighting works wonders to highlight the venue and create stunning visual effects. Carefully designed setup can lift the mood and ambiance of any event. Lighting companies in Pittsburgh have a combination of techniques and precision to make it possible. The tailored lighting solutions by a leading Pittsburgh light company can transform a venue into a magical space. From public events to private affairs, this light company Pittsburgh adds elegance and a lively atmosphere for its guests. From a subtle and elegant look to a bold and vibrant display, light company Pittsburgh PA creates an immersive experience for each attendee. The specialized custom lighting Columbus Ohio reflects your style leaving a lasting impression. For an intimate ceremony, this wedding lighting company is dedicated to creating unforgettable moments through the art of lighting design.

Moving Lights


Martin Mac 2k Wash
  • Color Mixing (CMY)
  • 1200W Lamp
  • Shutter and Strobe Effect
  • Pan: 540 degrees
  • Tilt: 267 degrees


Martin Mac Axiom Hybrid
  • Color Mixing (CMY)
  • 440W Lamp
  • Color and Gobo Wheels
  • Pan: 540 degrees
  • Tilt: 260 degrees


Martin Mac Viper Profile
  • Color Mixing (CMY)
  • 1000W Lamp
  • Color and Gobo Wheels
  • Pan: 540 degrees
  • Tilt: 268 degrees


Elation 5r Extreme
  • 189W 5R Lamp
  • Beam Type Fixture
  • 8 Facet Prism
  • 12 Color Wheel 8 Gobos
  • Pan: 630 degrees
  • Tilt: 270 degrees


Chauvet Force 2 Profile_

Maverick Force 2 Profile is a lightweight, tour-grade moving head with a big presence. The powerful unit features an output of over 20,000 lumens and an artillery of speedy effects housed in a deceptively compact frame, under 60lbs. Maverick Force 2 Profile features CMY + CTO color-mixing, a color wheel with a CTB and CRI option, and an extensive zoom range of 7 to over 50 degrees that maintains a flat field of focus even when fully wide. A custom-built framing system containing 4 dual axis shutters with a 120-degree field of rotation, motorized iris, focus, zoom, and frost capabilities, alongside a 5-facet rotating prism give an abundance of tools for beam shaping. Two rotating glass gobo wheels featuring gobos created in collaboration with leading designers can be stacked on top of one another for dynamic effects. Control as you see fit with DMX, sACN, Art-Net or W-DMX. Read More


Chauvet MK 2 Spot

Maverick MK2 Spot is a stunningly bright moving yoke spot featuring a 440 W LED engine, precision engineered optics, CMY + CTO color mixing, two 6-position rotating slot and lock gobo wheels, a 7-position + white color wheel, variable frost, 3-facet prism and 14.7º – 40.5º zoom range. Control it as you see fit with DMX, sACN, Art-Net, or W-DMX. Read More


Chauvet R1-FXB

Rogue R1 FX-B shakes things up, five times over. It orchestrates an infinite rotation of both pan and tilt for its five individually controlled heads, powered by five pixel mappable 15 W RGBW LEDs. Crisp beams, a sizzling output and rocket quick movements create amazing aerial effects. Control is achieved with DMX, Art-Net, sACN, or Kling-Net. Read More


Chauvet R2X Outcast Wash

Rogue R1 FX-B shakes things up, five times over. It orchestrates an infinite rotation of both pan and tilt for its five individually controlled heads, powered by five pixel mappable 15 W RGBW LEDs. Crisp beams, a sizzling output and rocket quick movements create amazing aerial effects. Control is achieved with DMX, Art-Net, sACN, or Kling-Net. Rogue Outcast 2X Wash is a lightweight IP65 wash that goes wide and hangs anywhere, with a wide zoom range of 8° to 66°, wide 2800 to 10000 K color temp range, wide selection of simple to complex DMX personalities, and a durable alloy housing that suits this versatile workhorse to the widest range of both indoor and outdoor applications, including on-camera use with its user selectable calibrated white. 19 bright 25W RGBW quad-LEDs occupy 5 pixel-mappable zones and produce excellent color blending and fades with 16-bit master and individual dimming. Read More


Chauvet R2X Wash

Rogue R2X Wash is a valuable addition to rental and production inventories. Durable and dependable, this moving wash workhorse produces a bright, powerful light and offers five zones of LED control to pixel map its 19 (25 W) RGBW quad-LEDs. A standout zoom range of 7.3° to 64.3° gives it the spread to cover even the largest areas. Smooth color mixing, simple and complex DMX channel profiles and powerCON in and out are just some of the other features that make this fixture a standout performer in any setting. Read More


Chauvet Ovation E-910FC

Ovation E-910FC is a high-performance ERS-style fixture with full RGBA-Lime color mixing and Color Temperature presets of 2800 to 6500 K that match the output of a tungsten source to perfection. Control options include full 16-bit dimming (per color and master), selectable PWM, RDM and onboard dimming curve selection. Also accessible is our Virtual Color Wheel which matches popular gel colors. Read More


Chauvet Ovation E-910FC IP

Ovation E-910FC IP takes the high-performance, full RGBA-Lime color-mixing marvel of the Ovation E-910FC outdoors. Our standard shutter assembly and lenses lend familiarity and ease of use to this IP65 ERS style fixture that offers Color Temperature presets of 2800 to 6500 K that match the output of a tungsten source to perfection. Control options include full bit dimming (per color and master), selectable PWM, RDM and onboard dimming curves selection. Also accessible is our virtual color wheel which matches popular color gels. Read More

Conventional Lights

ETC Source4 Junior Zoom
ETC Source4 Leko
ETC Source4 Par
Lycian 1275 Follow Spots & Others

Lighting Consoles


Avolites Titan Sapphire Touch


Avolites Titan Quartz
Leprecon 612


ETC Colorsource 20


Avolites Titan Wing
  • 20 smooth playback Faders
  • 30 programmable Executors
  • USB Powered - no need for a separate PSU


Chamsys Quickq 10

QuickQ 10 is part of ChamSysQuickQ range of user friendly and affordable lighting control consoles. The QuickQ 10 is the perfect choice console for control of dimmer and LED colour mixing fixtures. The console features a large 9.7 inch touch screen utilising a smart phone like interface for setup, programming and playback of your show. Read More


Avolites Titan Mobile

Avolites Titan Mobile binds the awesome power of Titan software with a compact and lightweight unit that connects to your laptop to produce a fully featured moving light control system. Small enough to carry hand luggage on flights large enough for complex shows, transferable shows to and from any other Titan based console. Titan Mobile Wing gives direct access to items that are always needed, such as Shape Overlay Cues, Blinders, House Lights, Smoke Machines or Performer Key Lights for TV productions. The generous, 30 User Programme Executors offer control or selection of Cues, Lists, Palettes, Groups or user programmable Macros. Live Playbacks, Solo and Flash buttons, user programmable buttons and Attribute controllers enable fast and accurate show programming in a flight friendly package. Read More


Jands Stage CL

Designed specifically for LED fixtures but just as suitable for conventional lights the Stage CL gives you full control of your LEDs and is incredibly easy to use. Read More

Pittsburgh Lights |Wedding Lighting Company in Columbus Ohio

If you are looking for lighting solutions in Pittsburgh, PA, and elsewhere, welcome to Star Design, which is your one-stop destination for the finest lighting solutions you can find in Pittsburgh, PA, and beyond. Being the top lighting company in the area, we specialize in making fascinating environments that make any event an extraordinary one. We are the true leaders in this industry. Every event we have worked for has been a blast of fun and enjoyment for the people of Pittsburgh. We are the best expert lighting company in Pittsburgh. Your desire to organize a dream-like event becomes a reality with Star Design Event Services.

Best Lighting Company

Do you want the best lighting services for your events in Pittsburgh, PA”? Over the last quarter century, Star Design has been the standard bearer for excellence, providing superior service and incomparable experience to our esteemed clients. We are a highly reliable company for lighting in Columbus, Ohio as well. Our clients love us and the experience we give to them with our excellent services.

Lighting is a critical part of planning whether it’s for a wedding, a corporate event or just a get together. We know that light can transform spaces, and we help clients turn their dreams into reality by shining bright creative lights. A perfect choice of lighting lifts up the spirit of joy and celebration in any event. It makes the atmosphere more optimistic and filled with bright energy.

Personalized Lighting

Whether you prefer the elegance and romance of traditional designs or a bolder and more dramatic approach, our experienced professionals will help you bring your personal style and personality to life through the custom lighting design of your choice. From our massive selection of modern lighting gear and accessories, such as spotlights, ambient lighting, and special effects, we can make your dream come true. We highly value our clients, and that is why we offer services that allow them to pick their own style and create a marvelous theme as they desire.

Delivering Excellence

We at Star Design are not just a lighting supplier; we are your collaborators in creating magical moments. In everything we do, including the detailed approach we take and our dedication to making our customers satisfied, we portray our commitment to excellence. We believe in providing exceptional services only, and nothing below it. All our professionals are driven towards satisfying our clients, with the best-in-class services in this industry. We work very hard and give our best efforts, to offer top-quality lighting for your events. We are among the most trusted lighting companies in Pittsburgh, and also the most preferred ones in the city.

Let Star Design light up your wedding and make your event sparkle. Collaborate with us to have an enchanting experience with our top-notch services.

Contact us now for more information about our lighting services and how we can realize your dream. Combining your event and our know-how, we will make memories that will be cherished for life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have a need for a product that is on listed on your site, can you acquire it for my event?

    Star Design has developed a vast network of resources over the years, partnering with many production and rental companies to work together to meet our clients needs.

  • Can Star Design provide a turn-key solution for all of the production needs of my event?

    Star Design has the knowledge and resources to take you from the planning stage to the final realization of your vision.

  • What is your secret of surviving the long hours of entertainment production?

    Coffee…...and more coffee! Did I mention coffee?