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Premier Wireless and LED Uplighting Services in Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh weddings, events, and receptions, Uplighting has become the hottest trend that adds blazing pop to the occasion. Whether there is wireless uplighting or LED uplighting, it illuminates the space and uplifts your guests’ mood.

To add drama and create a romantic ambiance at the events, Pittsburgh Uplighting is used. Event planners can customize them with endless possibilities that fit the theme of the occasion.Uplighting Pittsburgh is a true elegance that evokes excitement and adds beauty to your space.


Chauvet Maverick Storm 1
  • IP-65 rated RGBW Osram LED
  • Wash Type Fixture
  • Pixel Mapable
  • Premade Pixel Macro Effects
  • Pan: 540 degrees
  • Tilt: 270 degrees


Martin Mac Aura
  • High Output LEDs RGBW
  • Wash Type Fixture
  • Pan: 540 degrees
  • Tilt: 232 degrees
  • Eye Candy Aura Effect


GLP Impression X4s
  • High Output LEDs RGBW
  • Wash Type Fixture
  • Pan: 630 degrees
  • Tilt: 220 degrees
  • Zoomable
  • Pixel Mapping Macro Effects


Mac Aura XB
The MAC Aura XB takes an award-winning, innovative, compact LED wash light to the next level, incorporating many new features first introduced with the MAC Quantum Wash™. Not only does the MAC Aura XB offer additional brightness, it also features a new superior color mixing system and an optimized lens design for tighter beams and more even washes. Martin's unique and patented Eye-candy Aura Effect™ is also part of the package.

  • Super bright single lens wash with fully premixed color
  • Compact design and low weight
  • High efficiency, low power consumption, long service life
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LED Lights


Chauvet Freedom Par Quad IP (Battery)
  • Wireless Control(optional)
  • Long Battery Life
  • IP-65 Rating (outdoor use)
  • (Available in Black and White)


Blizzard Tournado WDMX IP (Battery)
  • Wireless DMX Control
  • Long Battery Life
  • IP-65 Rating


Elation Fuze Z60 IP
  • IP-65 Rating (outdoor use)
  • 60W of RGBA COB LEDs
  • Zoomable 7-39 degrees


Elation Fuze Z120 IP
  • IP-65 Rating (outdoor use)
  • 120W COB RGBA LEDs
  • Zoomable 7-55 degrees


Elation DTW700 IP 4 Pack LED Blinders
  • IP-65 Rating (outdoor use)
  • 700W LED Blinders
  • Pixel Control
  • Amber LEDs
  • Frost Filters


Chauvet Ovation 260ww LED Leko w/ HD Tubes
  • IP-65 Rating (outdoor use)
  • 230W White LED
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Variety of High Def Tubes
Fuel Magnetic Pinspot (Battery)
  • Magnetic Bases
  • Remotely Controlled
  • Long Battery Life
  • Multiple Types of Mounting Hardware
  • Perfect for adding light to Centerpieces!


Chauvet Colorado Batten 72x

COLORado Batten 72X is a class leading, powerful IP65 batten-style wash light powered by 72 calibrated RGBWA LEDs. The compact, tour-ready unit produces superb color rendering and a vast palette from soft pastels to saturated hues. Its 16-bit dimming capability, as well as five selectable dimming curves provides smooth fades and facilitate its incorporation into aging traditional rigs. Integrated trunnions accommodate clamps for vertical or horizontal hanging. Read More


Elation Cupix WW2

The CUEPIX Blinder WW2™ features (2) long life 100W Warm White 3,200K COB LEDs, a 60° beam angle, RDM (Remote Device Management), individual control of each COB module including manual pan focus, variable and selectable dimming curves, strobe effects, flicker free operation for TV and Film, 3pin and 5pin DMX and Locking Power Cable in/out connections, LCD menu display with 4 button control panel, integrated rigging bracket, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-250v). Read More

What is Uplighting?

When an event is held in an evening setting, the beautiful colors of ambiance, flowers, dresses of the guests, food, and head tables enhance. Uplighting adds a romantic vibe to your celebration. It is a stunning lighting arrangement that is placed low on the ground and directed upwards. They may include wireless LEDs, twinkling fairy lights, or attractive lanterns.

Why is it so Trendy?

Uplighting creates a festive atmosphere that enhances the visual impact of the photographs and videos you take at events. Whether illuminating the dance floor or highlighting the cake-cutting ceremony it brings sophistication and adds a wow element to the functions.

Couples love to create immersive and memorable moments for the attendees. They make Instagram-worthy moments and share their experiences with friends and family online, which makes uplighting more popularized these days.

Why Should You Consider Incorporating Uplighting to Events?

Here are major 3 reasons why you must use uplighting at your next event in Pittsburgh.

To Make Your Venue Appealing

Uplighting elevates the look of the decorated ambiance, ceilings, and walls. When they are installed strategically, they add eye-catching factors and make the event more energetic and inviting.

Flexibility and Versatility

Uplights allow seamless integration whether it is a grand ballroom, an intimate garden, or a rustic barn, it can be tailored to suit any space. These are versatile whether you use them on soft and romantic to vibrant and dynamic spaces. Uplighting is incredibly customizable which allows smooth transition between different activities.

Time-saving and Cost-efficient

Uplights require an efficient setup that minimizes the need for extra installation time. Additionally, they are versatile which means you don’t need to spend money for venue transformation.

Without compromising the quality it effortlessly adds stunning visual effects to your dreamy wedding and other occasions. In short, uplighting is an all-in-one solution for enhancing any event.

Bring Each Event to Life with Stunning Uplighting

Uplighting is a must-have element in Pittsburgh events bringing brightness and charm to every corner. They are placed creatively with beautiful colors of your choice that create magic. It depends on how you want us to do. Whether you want subtle colors and mild lighting or a bold and gorgeous theme, we listen to you! Leave the rest to us to make your venue enchanting!

From meeting halls to your residence, we are there to serve you. Try exceptionally satisfying uplighting services by Star Designs. Get in touch with us today and add a touch of colors and shine to your best moments!